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Four Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals

how to achieve business goals

There is nothing more motivating than the precious moment of achieving your New Year’s resolution! But why stop there? You should have goals for every area of your life, especially when it comes to running your business. We have put together four quick guidelines to ensure you smash your business goals before you can say “hooray”!  So here we go!


You know those New Year’s resolutions that entail going to the gym six times a week and totally ruling out fast food? They rarely work, because they’re not realistic.

When it comes to making business goals, you need to be honest with yourself: even with the right support and resources, is your goal achievable? What resources do you have? What resources do you need? All of these questions you must ask yourself – this will mean you won’t be left disappointed at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t want your goals to be too easy now, but we encourage you to continue to aim high. Maybe it’s more realistic to get there in 12 months rather than six, or two years rather than one.


It’s important to know not only where you want to go, but also how you’re going to get there. They say success isn’t just about the destination, but it’s also about the journey. In business this couldn’t be more true. Let’s say you have a revenue goal of 17 per cent for the next financial year. How are you going to achieve that? Do you need new customers? Does it mean raising prices? Does it mean employing trainees?

Having mini goals also helps with breaking things down – setting smaller deadlines for yourself helps to make the ultimate goal more achievable. There is nothing worse than the guilt ridden feeling of getting to September and realising there is no way you will finish your goal in the last quarter.


I’ve always found the best way to make goals real and ensure I stick with them is to talk about them. Once you’ve shared your goals you can’t hide from them as it’s way too embarrassing failing once you have made a public declaration. Pick someone who you can talk about your goals and progress with. It might be a trusted friend, business advisor or mentor. Do ensure that this person is someone who is encouraging and with whom you have mutual respect.

Another way of keeping yourself honest is to keep your plan visible. A plan in the drawer in your office doesn’t leave you any closer to your goals. Keep key goals where you can see them, whether that’s up on the noticeboard in your office or on the kitchen fridge door. I am a big fan of vision boards, and now you can even create these on Pinterest! Talk about making things easy!


Yahoooooo! Last but certainly not least, celebrate the wins along the way. Pick a reward for yourself as you start hitting your milestones and it will encourage you to keep going. This may be as simple as a dinner out with friends, or maybe a shopping spree. No matter what it is, celebrate your achievements and be proud of how far you have come.

Good luck! 


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