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Gold Coast Hospitality Industry Takes a Hit

Gold Coast Hospitality Industry

I’ve been talking to lots of hospitality business owners from all over the Gold Coast lately and I keep hearing the same thing: that everyone is going through a real tough time. Whether it’s the roadworks and heavy traffic, the bikie law issues or even shopping centre renovations – customers seem to be staying away and sales are at an all-time low.

Some owners have even complained about being up to 60% down on their normal sales!

When your sales are low because of internal reasons, it can be pretty clear how to overcome problems. But when sales are low because of something genuinely out of your control, what can you do?

When I was a hospitality business owner in New Zealand, I helped my dad set up over 30 bakery/cafes across the north island. We always just employed family or – like any business – had to hire new people. We always had the normal challenges anyone faces in the hospitality industry.

But when I came to Australia, I learned about an opportunity that would have changed our whole way of doing business if that opportunity was available to us in New Zealand.

Hospitality business owners in Australia have the awesome opportunity to receive Government financial incentives for training their staff in nationally-recognised hospitality qualifications. And not only that – but if they employee school-based trainees and apprentices, they can reduce their labour costs as well and earn even more incentives!

Employing school-based trainees is a great solution for remaining profitable when your business is taking a hit from outside factors. I wish we had these sort of opportunities when I was a business owner in New Zealand!

So next time you’re thinking about how hard it is on the Gold Coast at the moment, ask yourself if you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

If you’d like to know more about our hospitality traineeships, you can give our office a call or fill in the enquiry form on our website. If you’re on the Gold Coast, I’ll be in touch soon!

Article by Matthew, Gold Coast Hospitality Business Consultant


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