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Is Your Restaurant Menu or Cafe Menu Online?

restaurant menu online


Did you know that ‘Restaurant menu’ is searched on Google 123,500 times every month in Australia and ‘Café menu’ is searched 67,600 times?

What does that mean for your business? It means that your menu better be online!

Your customers are searching for menus online to help them choose where they will dine. Imagine this scenario:

Stacy is organising to meet with her friends for dinner. One of them has young children, another can only eat gluten free food and another prefers vegetarian options. Another friend has been to Italy and only likes ‘authentic’ Italian food. Stacy jumps onto Google, types in ‘Italian Restaurant Menu Brisbane’. She wants to compare which restaurants will meet her needs before she calls to book. So who does she choose?

  • Restaurant 1 is an Italian Restaurant that offers child-friendly, vegetarian and gluten free options.
  • Restaurant 2 is an Italian Restaurant that offers child-friendly, vegetarian and gluten free options.

Restaurant 1 unfortunately doesn’t have a menu on their website, but Restaurant 2 does! Stacy sees that Restaurant 2’s menu will meet all of her needs and keep her friends happy. She gives them a call and makes a reservation.

The only difference between the two restaurants was that one had a menu online and the other didn’t! So – which business are you?

Taking it further, imagine Stacy is searching for the restaurant on her mobile phone, whilst sitting on the train on the way home from work. Although she finds a few restaurants to choose between, only two restaurants have menus she can check online. One of those menus is incredibly hard to read on her mobile, so when she finds Restaurant 2 and loves the menu, she stops looking and makes a reservation.

Regardless of how great your café, restaurant or store is, if your menu isn’t online or it isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re potentially losing an awful lot of customers.

The fact is that technology is a huge part of our lives. These trends are growing and any business that wants to be relevant and successful needs to take notice and take action.

If you don’t have an online menu, or you don’t even have a website, these two small steps could go a long way in increasing your profits each month and growing your business. And make sure you check your website on a mobile device to see how user-friendly it is too!

So, what’s on your menu?

—-Article by Mikaela, Redmako Marketing Coordinator


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