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Selling Your Business with a Specialist VS. a Genaralist

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Although many agents out there claim to be specialists, it is rare (even impossible) to find a real estate agent that is truly a specialist in selling businesses in a certain industry.

Redmako Business Sales is not a real estate – we are Business Brokers specialising in ONLY the hospitality industry.We are the true hospitality specialist – we sell 100% hospitality businesses, 100% of the time!

That means we know everything involved – something a general real estate agent could never guess at. We know everything from how to prepare your restaurant for sale, to valuing your fast food outlet correctly for the current market, to marketing your cafe to people who are ready and looking for a hospitality business, and even understanding what potential owners are looking for. To be honest – only someone who has either been selling hospitality businesses for 12 years, or someone who has worked in hospitality and been a business owner themselves, could possibly understand the different motivations that draw people to buy a hospitality business.


He’s a real estate agent specialising in general business. In other words, he’ll give anything and everything a go – the more businesses he sells, the more commissions he’ll get.

One day, the Head Office called Doug.

“Doug, you haven’t sold many hospitality businesses lately, so we’re running an advertisement to get more sales for you. It’ll say that we’re the local café and restaurant specialist, okay?” The Marketing Department said.

“Sure thing, I haven’t sold a café in AGES – that’s a great idea,” Doug replies.

A few days later, Doug’s phone begins to ring. Not just once, but all day long.

“Yep I’ll sell your café, I’m a specialist,” Doug tells business owners. He puts their business onto his general Businesses for Sale website, and goes onto the next business call.

Months pass by, no cafes sell, and owners begin ringing Doug asking what’s going on. He doesn’t call them back – he hasn’t been able to get any offers and doesn’t want his clients to know just yet.

Poor Doug is trying to sell cafes on a general website to people who aren’t even interested in hospitality businesses. Doug’s stuck and he knows it. He thinks to himself, “since 70% of my businesses for sale are general businesses, I’ll get more commissions by focusing just on those, because there are more of them and I know how to sell those”.

Doug continues to sell everything from cleaning, pet grooming, and distribution businesses, to transport, hair salons and newsagency businesses. No wonder he doesn’t know how to sell a café!

The other difference is that we care about the hospitality industry – we’re not just Business Brokers. Redmako also offers traineeships & apprenticeships. That means we want to see business owners and the industry as a whole succeed.

In other words, at the end of the day, selling a business with Redmako Business Sales means you save money, time and stress. And it means your business will actually be SOLD, and to people who will genuinely take care of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you’re considering selling your hospitality business, or haven’t heard from your current real estate agent in a while, give Redmako Business Sales a call on (07) 3339 1400.


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