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Should Your Business Open on Easter Sunday

stores open on easter sunday

Easter holidays mean lots of different things for different families, but no doubt many Australians will spend this Easter taking advantage of the long weekend holiday by going out of town, participating in various Easter festivities, or even just staying at home and enjoying a very welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, for many businesses, the Easter holidays represent a decrease in consumer spending. Trends have shown that many people would rather go away for the holiday or spend time with their families than dine out at local establishments. As a result, many hospitality businesses are preparing to halt operations on Easter Sunday and just open their doors again after the Easter weekend. A recent online poll by Hospitality Magazine revealed that more than half (66.4 %) of the hospitality owners who responded are planning to keep their businesses closed on Easter, citing two main reasons – the public holiday penalty rates and the expected low volume of customers. According to these respondents, keeping their businesses open would ultimately prove to be unprofitable and expensive for them.

Still, a handful of business owners are willing to open their doors on Easter Sunday, betting on both the reduced competition and the number of people who will go outdoors to celebrate. There’s also the possibility that some families will celebrate the holiday by eating out at fancy restaurants or attending Easter-themed events.

If you’re brave enough to bet that your estimated influx of customers would suffice in offsetting your extra expenses over Easter, here are some good business ideas that may help:

  • Serve up some seafood and salads. It’s no surprise that fish and seafood tend to be big sellers during the Easter weekend. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to prepare a special menu, though – just make sure you promote your fish, seafood and veggie dishes.
  • Cater to everyone’s sweet tooth. Easter is definitely the season for sugar overload – the chocolate industry in particular experiences a growth in sales because of the popularity of Easter eggs and treats. Highlight your restaurant’s chocolate desserts or your cafe’s sweeter beverage offerings.
  • Hold Easter-themed events. An Easter event (such as an Easter egg hunt) is a great way to get into the holiday spirit (and to get more customers into your establishment).
  • Partner up with a charitable organisation. Try allocating a percentage of your earnings for the day towards a charity of your choice. Generosity can help build goodwill, establish a reputation as a business with a heart and help those in need along the way, all at the same time.

Ultimately you need to decide what is best for your business – but make sure you consider all the factors. Whatever you decide, we hope you have a great Easter!

We’ll be holding off our next blog post until after the ANZAC Day long weekend – so in the meantime if you need a good read, check out more of our website and find out about Redmako’s business sales & learning opportunities for hospitality businesses. 


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