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The 15-Step Process of Selling Your Hospitality Business for the Best Value

how to sell a hospitality business

Your hospitality business deserves a sales campaign to match the business that you have built. You need to get in touch with the right buyers who are fielding the right offers. Our 15-step process details how we help you get your business in front of the right people at the right time – take a look.

1. Before we can sell you, we need to get to know you. Our initial consultations will set the vision for your campaign – your market niche, your budget, your target audience and your price point. This consultation will only take an hour of your time.

2. The Authority to Sell agreement, the seller’s disclosure document and master file are all signed. These are the documents that set your vision in stone.

3. We make sure that your paperwork looks great and will stay in compliance with even the most discerning buyer.

4. We prepare a true summary of the activities and markets of your business.

5. We begin the development of the marketing plan to the audience that will likely be most interested in your business.

6. We run all advertising by you first. With your blessing, we place the advertisements in optimized locations, negotiating the lowest price possible.

7. We review and analyse the initial enquiry and buyer response, then hold qualification interviews and screenings. We ensure every potential buyer that reaches this stage has signed a binding Confidentiality Agreement. We fully brief you on the interest of all qualified potential buyers.

8. Don’t worry about inspections – we arrange those for you. We will report back to you the results of these inspections with each buyer.

9. We arrange follow up meetings with the most qualified buyers that pass our initial vetting stages.

10. We include professional assessments from accountants, solicitors and legal representatives from both you and the buyers.

11. After the proper vetting stages, we prepare the Offer to Purchase.

12. We coordinate meetings with buyers who reach this stage and agree on Due Diligence procedures.

13. We continue the negotiation to improve on buyer offers and any applicable special conditions.

14. We help you with the transfer of all leases, licences, utilities, etc.

15. We assist in the final settlement and subsequent transfer of the business.

For more information about our company and hospitality industry insights from the inside, subscribe to our blog. We look forward to helping you selling your business at a premium to the right buyer.


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