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Utilizing Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

customer feedback


If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware of the importance of customer feedback. When a business integrates customer feedback, it’s usually for the purpose of improving their brand. If used the right way, customer feedback can be a good way to capture customer’s loyalty and develop your company to full potential.

Gathering data

There are several methods you can use to gather feedback, but one of the most successful and most common is a survey. Though it might seem easy, creating a survey takes careful planning. Survey question must be as simple and as concise as possible to avoid frustrating your customers. An advantage of conducting surveys today is the existence of online survey websites such as  SurveyMonkey. It’s easier to gather more feedback in a shorter amount of time without putting in too much of your time and money. Of course, handing surveys personally also has an advantage. You can engage with your customers and get to know more about their insights in a personal level.

If you own a hospitality business, such as restaurants and cafes, placing suggestion boxes and handing out surveys while your customers are waiting for service, would be a good method of gathering data.  Try giving rewards or small tokens such as discount coupons, to make them feel your appreciation for answering your survey.

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Tracking customer Feedback

Thanks to technology, you can easily track your survey and even convert it into quantifiable information. You can easily accomplish this task via an Excel spreadsheet. This data should tell you what aspects of your operations have been helping or dragging your business. Plus, you can also use this as a database of your customers or even as a benchmark to compare your future business’ performance with.

Integrating Customer Feedback

Once you have gathered the data you need, it’s now time to use this information to develop any aspect of your company that your data indicates you are lacking. If you own a restaurant or a café, you may use it to improve your menu or provide additional training for your staff if your service quality is amiss; it all depends on the results of your survey. Another use of customer feedback is to measure your business’ performance. Through this, you can easily identify which points you are doing right and which ones are less than acceptable.

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Gathering customer feedback is no easy task especially if you lack the time, so it’s better if you plan it carefully and involve your staff to make it easier. With some planning and consistent implementation, the outcome would definitely lead to more opportunities for your business so don’t think twice about this strategy.


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