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Visual Marketing: Boosting Your Business Through Images

visual marketing


A picture is worth a thousand words—in business, it can be worth a thousand dollars. With the sheer amount of information your customers are bombarded with daily, you can use the power of visuals to stand out. With the right images, you can divert your customers’ attention to your hospitality business and reel in added revenue.


Businesses have been using pictures for a long time, especially in advertising. But the rise of the Internet, social media and mobile technology opened new opportunities to create different forms of visual media and use them in awesomely creative ways.


Why use visual marketing?

  1. Humans are visual creatures. A whopping 65% of all humans are visual learners. This means that a majority of your existing and potential customers understand and retain messages when they are delivered using visual media. Like your restaurant’s interiors, you are also able to influence people’s emotions through videos and images, making visual marketing an effective way to appeal to your customers’ cravings and impulses. Check this out for proof.
  2. There is a lot you can do. Visual marketing isn’t just about images either. With the technology available today, you can create videos, infographics, slideshows and animated clips, to name a few, and reap the rewards. You can post your creations in your site, social networks and blog, or even print them out and use them as flyers and other marketing materials.
  3. You can use it in various stages of your business. Whether you’re starting, running or selling your hospitality business, images can help you entice the right people. Because of the different kinds of available visual media forms and channels, there is virtually no need to think too hard about the right time to start marketing your restaurant or café.
  4. It is inexpensive. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to print out images to ensure that they are seen by your audience—social media exposure is, for all intents and purposes, free—allowing you to cut down on advertising and marketing expenses. Just hit the Share button and you’re set.


How do you market your business?

There isn’t a specific formula for marketing your business successfully as the methods needed may depend on your brand’s particulars, although there are general tips you may find useful:

  1. Use original content. Stock images are great and may be your go-to option if you want reliable, HD photos. However, you run the risk of using ones that your competitors are already using. For this reason, it’s wise to create your own content by taking your own photos and videos. You may also solicit the help of professionals in creating visual content for your hospitality business.
  2. Use high-quality visuals. Humans can be picky—many dislike seeing blurred, skewed, or pixelated images. You don’t need to use expensive cameras (although you can invest in high-end ones) if you must take your own pictures and videos; just make sure to use the right techniques to ensure good results.
  3. Take full advantage of your blog and social media. These are the most common and effective ways to make your visual marketing efforts go places. Post on your blog or on social networks like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram to capture as many audiences as possible.
  4. Be creative. Do not limit yourself to just one form of media. Let your imagination run free—feature your products, your restaurant’s interiors and even your staff.
  5. Incorporate print. Visual marketing has not killed print media. If you can, try to print out materials as your customers may want something they can physically keep, such as printed souvenirs, photos and pamphlets. You may also use printed visuals for different items in your hospitality business, such as the menu and table centrepieces.


Visual marketing is a great and inexpensive way to engage and influence your customers and their buying decisions. Think outside the box and celebrate your hospitality business—and reap the rewards later—through beautiful, high-quality visuals. If you need additional tips for marketing your business through visuals, you can read these best practices.

How can you use visual marketing for your own business? Share your comments below.



  1. Not only do studies show that visual marketing captures attention, but it also drives traffic and boosts awareness. Just as in traditional marketing , you can’t assume your Twitter followers know how they’re supposed to interact or engage with your business .

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